Breaking the Org: Interview with Projects@Work

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Breaking the Org: Interview with Projects@Work

The LKNA 2014 conference brought a new and needed focus on management and organization to the forefront of the improvement journey.  Hearing David Anderson’s (CEO Lean Kanban Inc and Lean Kanban Conferences) talk on organizational fitness for purpose at the Kanban Leadership Retreat in Monterey, CA this year, we immediately realized that this new focus is right in ObjectiveChange’s sweet spot.   So when David offered the opportunity, we were eager to facilitate an interactive session at LKNA 2014.

Projects at Work’s Dave Prior interviewed ObjectiveChange’s CEO George Schlitz about the session and the conference:

In our session, we provided a brief intro to one practice of “Environment Design” for managers and other leaders that we call “Breaking the Org”.  Though the title may sound iconoclastic, the practice is really quite simple and nonthreatening – a straightforward approach that managers can use to provide teams with the environments they need to succeed with new methods.

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