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The world has changed - It has become far more dynamic, unpredictable and complex. While technology and innovation are changing how we communicate, socialize, learn, and do business, unprecedented amounts of regulatory change are impacting everything we do. Everything seems faster and harder to plan for. Facing new types of competition, many companies are realizing the need to continuously explore new business models. With Fortune 500 companies disappearing far more quickly each year, this has becomes an imperative. Without resilience - the ability to adapt to unforeseen changes while maintaining core purpose – and agility – the ability to act, understand, and learn quickly, companies will not be able to deal with this 'perfect storm' of conditions.


Latest Thinking


ODO Part 1: The Transformation

Outcome Driven Organizations Part 1: The Transformation “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” — Albert Einstein   Let’s start by taking a look at what typically happens on the ground with an Agile Transformation, told in a story format.  This is based on a true story, or more specifically a select compilation of…

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Innovation is Dead…Long Live Innovation!

The desire to innovate is everywhere.  Even the biggest, traditional, conservative companies we’ve worked with are recognizing the need to “behave more like a startup” and innovate faster.  Lean startup, business model generation and other great approaches have provided a way to begin doing so for any type of organization.  Unfortunately, many companies are finding…


Breaking the Org: Interview with Projects@Work

The LKNA 2014 conference brought a new and needed focus on management and organization to the forefront of the improvement journey.  Hearing David Anderson’s (CEO Lean Kanban Inc and Lean Kanban Conferences) talk on organizational fitness for purpose at the Kanban Leadership Retreat in Monterey, CA this year, we immediately realized that this new focus…