Our mission: Enable your company to Adapt. To Innovate. To Succeed.

The primary value we bring to our clients is not only in specific processes and practices­ but in our ability to: (1) develop successful change leaders and (2) make processes and practices easy to learn and integrate into your culture. In the process of doing this work, strategy becomes clearer, culture shifts, and change just happens­ - as a by-product of achieving outcomes, not as something to be managed.


Improvment_IconLean/Agile Delivery

Our coaches are experts in a wide variety of agile and lean product delivery approaches. From Scrum to Kanban, we help your company determine the delivery capabilities needed and select  the aspects from all of these approaches that will best help develop these capabilities.  We then  guide you on the path of improvement as you experiment, learn and refine your delivery  approach.

Strategy_IconLean Discovery and Innovation

Companies that can’t adapt their business models and products to changing customer needs are finding survival difficult. Combining coaching and guidance in lean startup, business model generation, lean user experience, customer development and other discovery approaches we enable you to continuously learn about your customers and markets, and make best use of your product delivery capability.

Lorem_IconScaling Lean Discovery and Delivery

Developing a lean organization requires alignment around maximizing customer value realized. Combining Agile scaling processes like SAFe and Agile planning, with Lean approaches such as Kanban and Lean portfolio management, you are able to move from Agile teams to an Agile organization with processes, approaches and organizational structures to enable agility throughout all levels of the organization.

Portfolio_IconTransformation Health Check

Many companies are investing in Agile “adoption” efforts that focus on improvement activities, but lose sight of purpose and the outcomes they are intended to achieve.  Opportunities to get the greatest value from these approaches are often missed. This simple health check looks at multiple levels to learn about your transformation’s impact, effectiveness, risks, and opportunities to improve.

Leadership_IconPurposeful Transformation & Change Strategy

With the amount of change we have to deal with today it can be a challenge to determine where to start and how to get it all done. We bring a powerful set of techniques to quickly clarify your purpose and objectives, simplify the strategy, and identify the next measurable improvements to bring immediate impact to your company. Through this managers and leaders learn to lead change strategy themselves.

Product_IconLeading the Resilient, Agile Organization

The most powerful lever of improvement is leadership that (1) clearly orients people toward success and (2) designs environments in which success can be achieved. Our coaches work with leaders to practice and develop these skills and the confidence to inspire people towards success. We help managers move from coordinator to catalyst, from supervisor to mentor while doing their everyday work.

Resilient, Agile Organization­ - A Global Imperative

We’ve helped companies around the globe to find the right combination of agility and resilience to thrive in this increasing complexity.

Organizations all over the world are experiencing similar challenges ­ tremendous uncertainty caused by new types of competition, the need to evolve their business models, disruption from new technologies, and significant regulatory change.